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This is a list of the episodes of Badanamu Stories. All synopses are taken from Badanamu's YouTube channel.

Series overview

Series Episodes Original airdate
Start End
1 24 1 March 2018 24 March 2018


# Title Release
1 "Rainy Day Ducks" October 1, 2019
2 "Fly Away Kite" March 25, 2020
While Bada is getting ready in the morning, his friends are outside flying a kite. However, the kite gets stuck in a tree, and they have to use teamwork to get it down. Bada arrives just in time to play with the rescued kite.
3 "Cupcake Colors" March 26, 2020
Bada and the penguins are making cupcakes. They take turns putting on frosting, but when it's Bada's turn, there is no frosting left. The penguins come up with a plan to share their frosting and make a rainbow cupcake for Bada.
4 "Apple Adventure" March 30, 2020
Abby, Mimi, and Mipi are picking apples for a picnic with their friends. When they get to the top of the hill, their cart rolls down, and their apples spill everywhere. However, their friends are there to lend a helping hand and pick up the apples, so everyone can enjoy the picnic.
5 "Busy Beach Builders" April 1, 2020
The friends are at the beach building sand castles in teams. When a large wave comes, their sand castles get destroyed. They come up with a plan to build one large sand castle strong enough to withstand the waves.
6 "Snack-Sneaking Kittens" April 2, 2020
Mat is preparing snacks for the kittens, but the kittens can't wait to eat. Before the snacks are ready, the kittens dig in, knocking the food everywhere. With snack time seemingly ruined, Bada appears with snacks to share.
7 "Penguin Monster Mystery" April 4, 2020
While sledding in the snow, the penguins become terrified of a monster they see. After running and hiding from the monster, Pogo comes up with a plan to defend themselves with snowballs. As Pogo is about to fire away, the penguins realize the monster is just Bada in a dino suit. Bada has dino clothes for the penguins too.
8 "Abby the Night Owl" April 5, 2020
Abby's mom tells her it's bedtime, but Abby has trouble falling asleep. After many failed attempts, Abby finally falls asleep by singing herself a lullaby.
9 "Bath Time Penguins" April 11, 2020
After arriving at home all muddy, the penguins want to keep playing instead of taking baths. Their parents show them a way they can take a bath and play at the same time. Jess, Curly, and Pogo imagine their own adventures while taking a bath. After they're all clean, it's time for bed.
10 "Mimi's Color Secret" April 12, 2020
Bada wants to climb a tree, Abby wants to go to the pumpkin patch, and Mipi wants to pick grapes. However, they can't go out in the storm, so Mimi comes up with a plan to do all those things inside. Bada will paint a tree, Abby will paint a pumpkin, and Mipi will paint grapes. When they don't have the right colors, Mimi teaches them to mix colors to get green, orange, purple.
11 "Wig in the Wind" April 18, 2020
At the playground, Bada and Abby meet Mipi with his new wig. They also see a new slide, but Mipi is too scared to go down. When the wind takes away Mipi's wig, he summons the bravery to chase his wig down the slide.
12 "Bada and the Seed" April 19, 2020
After eating delicious apples with Eccos, Bada finds seeds inside. The Eccos explain what the seeds do, and they plant the seeds together. Through the changing seasons, Bada watches the growing tree transform until it bears delicious apples.
13 "The Shape Train" April 25, 2020
Bada visits the penguins with a special toy: a train set made of shape blocks. They all work to put it together but can't find the right shape for the wheels. Finally, they find circle blocks to get the train going.
14 "Three Noisy Kittens" April 26, 2020
After a hard day's work, Mat is ready for his nap. However, the kittens keep waking him up because they want to play. When Mat finally gets peace and quiet, he suspects the kittens are up to something. After searching around the house, Mat finds the kittens napping.
15 "Pogo and the Too Big Sandwich" May 2, 2020
At the igloo, Pogo gets the idea to have a sandwich party. Bada, Curly, and Jess each choose special ingredients for their sandwiches, but Pogo wants to make a sandwich with every ingredient. Pogo's sandwich is so big that it explodes when he tries to eat it. Luckily, the sandwich party is saved when his friends decide to share their sandwiches.
16 "The Great Cloud Race" May 3, 2020
Bada, Abby, and Mimi are about to go to the beach when they realize it's not sunny anymore. Then Bada comes up with the perfect game for a cloudy day. The friends use their imaginations to picture objects in the clouds, and they have an exciting cloud race.
17 "Jess and the Sing Song Day" May 9, 2020
Jess has a special way to help her friends: sing silly songs. She sings a song to cheer up Bada, help Mipi in the garden, and make her brothers fall asleep.
18 "Story Time Hats" May 10, 2020
For story time, Mimi brings a trunk with special hats. Pogo gets a gold crown and becomes a king. Curly gets a scaly, green hat and becomes a dragon. Jess gets a tall, pink hat and becomes a princess. Mimi gets a gray helmet and becomes a knight. As their new characters, they read and become the story.
19 "Abby's Giggle Machine" May 16, 2020
Mat brings his signature popcorn to a picnic, but the kittens send the bowl of popcorn flying. After saying the picnic is ruined, Mat refuses to forgive the kittens and vows to never smile again. Nothing can make him smile until Abby introduces her giggle machine. Mat becomes happy again, and the picnic is saved.
20 "Berry Pickle Surprise" May 17, 2020
Bada, Mimi, and Mipi are all set to pick berries until Bada's hat starts running away. They chase the hat everywhere, and Bada finally catches it and figures out what made it run: Some ducks were inside!
21 "Curly's Clues" May 23, 2020
Bada, Jess, and Pogo are at the beach, but they notice the beach ball and Curly are missing. Curly leaves a series of clues for them that lead them to the ball and their friend.
22 "Bubble Bubble Pop" May 24, 2020
Abby has a bubble machine, but the penguins don't follow her instructions for how to use it. This creates a wave of bubbles and a big mess. After they clean up, the penguins are ready to use the bubble machine again, this time following directions.
23 "Super Bada" May 30, 2020
While reading about his favorite superhero, Bada wishes he could have those powers. The Eccos set up situations where Bada can pretend to use superpowers to save Teddy. Bada uses his superpowers all the way to the kitchen table, where he flies in for lunch.
24 "Farm Fair Fun" May 31, 2020
There is an exciting fair at the farm. Bada takes fun photos at Mipi's photo zone and has delicious ice cream at the penguins' ice cream station. Then he loses control of his car at Abby's race track, but nothing can put a damper on this ultra-fun fair.
25 "Duck Pond Rescue" June 6, 2020
Bada, Mimi, and Abby go to the ducks' favorite pond, only to discover that it has gone dry. They try to refill the pond, but it's not as easy as it sounds. Sharing ideas and working together, they find a way to bring the pond back to life.
26 "New Pet Surprise" June 7, 2020
Bada and the penguins have a mysterious egg and are not sure which animal will pop out. It turns out to be a turtle, which they keep as a pet. They give the turtle food, water, and a home, but the turtle is still missing something. It's up to the friends to come up with a name the turtle will like.