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This is a list of Badanamu Cadets episodes. All synopses are taken from Badanamu's official YouTube channel.

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 52 January 29, 2020 June 24, 2020
# Title Release
1 "The Grumpy Grumble Powder" January 29, 2020
The Cadets help Poppy at the Ecco Nursery by installing an Anti-Grumble System. Unfortunately, Esme and Gronk's evil team find a way to penetrate the nursery and sprinkle Grumpy-Grumble powder all over the new Eccos.
2 "The Grumble Train Robbery" January 30, 2020
The Cadets are training with their new Super-Shoes when Professor Pip asks them to make sure a new shipment of Power-Pods arrive at the Glacier Center safely. As luck would have it, Goob and the Grumbles hatch a plan to steal the Power-Pods. It is up to the Cadets to foil the evil plan and safely deliver the Power-Pods.
3 "The Problem with Popper-Bops" January 31, 2020
Esme and Gronk's evil team tries to destroy the Cadets' storage room by distracting them with a cute little Popper-Bop. Things get out of control because one sip of water makes the Popper-Bops multiply.
4 "The Missing Mumu Moonstone" February 1, 2020
Esme and Gronk's new evil plan involves stealing the Mumu Moonstone just in time to ruin the Moonstone Ceremony where they capture the Lunar Energy, leaving Mumu Kingdom in trouble. It is up to the Cadets to try to stop the evil plan and return the Moonstone to its rightful place.
5 "The Ancient Ecco Pyramid" February 4, 2020
Esme and co. are exploring the Ancient Ecco Pyramid in their latest plan to suck all the power out of Badanamu. The Cadets must stop Esme's evil plan without the use of any of their electronics.
6 "The Giant Grumble Pumpkin Chase" February 7, 2020
Bada and Curly help Mipi get ready for the Pumpkin Festival by using the Size-Reviser. Unfortunately, Curly leaves the Size-Reviser behind, allowing Goob and the Grumbles to snatch it and wreak havoc, threatening to ruin the Pumpkin Festival.
7 "Goob and the Cadet Code" February 10, 2020
The Cadets and Goob are in the middle of another chase when Bada saves Goob from falling off a cliff. Goob feels the sharp contrast between the way the Cadets helped him and how Esme treats him. Thus, he decides to learn about the Cadet Code. This leads Esme to question her own behavior to her friends.
8 "The Super Sky Smogger" February 11, 2020
The Cadets and the kittens are getting ready for a garden party when they see a large cloud of smog filling up the sky. They fly over to the forest to see what is causing it, and to no one's surprise, it is Goob and the Grumbles. The Cadets put together a clever plan to get rid of the smog and the Grumbles.
9 "Esme Undercover" February 24, 2020
During a Goop-Berry picking contest, Abby gets tricked by Esme and her gang and gets caught inside a cage. Esme, posing as Abby, returns to the Ecco Lab with the other Cadets and tries her best to steal the Techno-Data from the lab. Unfortunately for Esme, Abby outsmarts her captors and returns to the lab just in time to save the day.
10 "Esme, I Shrunk The Cadets" February 28, 2020
The Cadets are loading the Ecco Van when Goob and Gronk successfully steal the Size-Reviser and shrink the Cadets to give to Esme as pets. Luckily, Bada and Jess escape the capture and enlist the help of a colony of ants to help them rescue their friends.
11 "Gronk the Genius" March 2, 2020
12 "Attack of the Octo-Jelly" March 7, 2020
The Cadets are getting ready for a fun day of flying kites at Sunset Beach when Poppy and the baby Eccos get attacked by an Octo-Jelly. The Cadets spring into action and try to save Poppy and the baby Eccos when they discover that the Octo-Jelly isn't a real animal at all.
13 "The Snow Ecco Surprise" March 12, 2020
The Cadets are in the middle of a seal-saving operation when they are attacked by the Snow Ecco. Turns out, it is being controlled by none other than Esme. The Cadets must put their heads together to stop Esme and her evil plan.
14 "Cadet Castaways" March 14, 2020
The Cadets get caught up in an Esme-made tornado and a few of them get stuck on an island. With the help of a few Island Eccos, they're able to defeat Esme and co. while saving their friends.
15 "Adventures in Mumu Sitting" March 17, 2020
King Mumu has a very important task for the Cadets: Mumu-sitting while he tends to the new Rainbow Cotton. Unfortunately, Esme and co. have their own plans. With the help of Cactus Grumbles, they try to steal the Rainbow Cotton while the Cadets try to protect and save both the Rainbow Cotton and the baby Mumus.
16 "Ecco Island Recscue" March 19, 2020
On the mysterious Ecco Island, Island Eccos discover that their water supply had dried up. Turns out, Esme and co. had built a dam to make way to dig for treasure. Luckily, a scout Ecco escaped and alerted the Cadets to the trouble brewing on Ecco Island. The Cadets spring into action and fly towards the mysterious island to stop Esme and her evil plan.
17 "Cadet Kung Fu" March 28, 2020
The Cadets are training in Cadet Kung Fu when Esme decides to join the fun with her Robotic Ninja-Suit. Goob, in the new Robotic Ninja-Suit, lures the Cadets into a Kung Fu fight. With the help of Ziggy the flamingo, the Cadets are ready to take on Esme's latest evil plan.
18 "Movie Night Mayhem" April 6, 2020
Professor Pip and the Cadets have a fun movie night prepared when Goob and his team of Grumbles hypnotize them with the Hypno-Watch. Luckily, Bada was getting Poppy when it happened and it is up to them to save the rest of the Cadets and stop the evil team.
19 "The Ghost of Wonderwood Forest" April 8, 2020
The Cadets are getting ready for the Festival of Lights when Mipi alerts them that there are ghosts in Wonderwood Forest. Despite their best attempts, all but one of the Cadets was captured by the ghosts. It is now up to Pogo to get over his fear of ghosts and save his friends.
20 "Quake, Rattle, and Roll" April 9, 2020
Peace at Mumu Palace is broken when they experience a set of earthquakes that threatens the safety of the palace. The Cadets dig into the situation and find out that it is Esme and co. behind the scheme. The Cadets must stop them or else they will see Mumu Palace fall into the wrong hands.
21 "Bada's Home Alone" April 13, 2020
All the Cadets meet their parents for Parents' Day except for Bada. When the families get captured, it's up to Bada to defend the Ecco Lab when Esme, Gronk, and Goob attack.
22 The Hungry, Hungry Scarffle-Puff April 15, 2020
The Cadets decide to throw Professor Pip a surprise birthday party to cheer him up. Goob and the Grumbles have their own plans to ruin the surprise by trying to steal all the gifts for Professor Pip. Luckily for the Cadets, they have their secret "weapon," a Scarffle-Puff!
23 "Flight of the Floaty-Buds" April 16, 2020
The Cadets join Mommy Penguin, Daddy Penguin, and Professor Pip to watch the Floaty-Buds awaken and float up into the sky to make their sweet Nectar rain. Unfortunately, Esme and co. have their own devious plans to disrupt the eco-cycle. The Cadets, equipped with their newest Super Shoes, must stop the evil plan.
24 "Trouble at Namu-Toa" April 20, 2020
The safety of Glacier Hills is threatened when Esme and the Grumble Gang use Rock Grumbles to create a scary lava monster. The Cadets, with special help from Snowy the Snow Ecco, try to stop the evil plan with the help of their Expando-Ball.
25 "The Roaring Amplidoodles" April 22, 2020
A seemingly loud monster scares Poppy and three baby Eccos during their walk. Turns out, it was just a lost Amplidoodle, a rare creature in Badanamu. It has been separated from its family, and the Cadets go on an adventure to figure out what happened to them. Not surprisingly, Esme and the Grumble Gang have their own plans for the Amplidoodle family.
26 "Cinco de Mumu" April 23, 2020
As Mimi tries to gather up the courage for her big Cinco de Mumu speech, not everything goes as planned. Goob and the Grumbles have their own plans to ruin the colorful celebration.
27 "Curlock Holmes and the Cadet Detectives" April 27, 2020
When the Mumus, Mutisse and Max, mysteriously go missing, detective work is needed to find them. Luckily, Curly and the Cadets are on the case. They have to look for clues and solve the mystery of where they could be.
28 "Secret of the Shooting Star" April 29, 2020
During a meteor shower, two craters appear in Wonderwood Forest. The Cadets find one of the Comet-Critters and decide to help her and her brother get back to their home. Unfortunately, the Comet-Critter's brother is found by Esme and the Grumble Gang first.
29 "Video Game Vengeance" April 30, 2020
Ziggy and the Cadets go on a camping trip without their technology. Abby, starving for her tech, gets drawn to a video game created by Esme. The Cadets get pulled into the video game and are unable to escape unless Ziggy beats Goob at the Grumbles' own game.
30 "Kitten Catastrophe" May 4, 2020
The Badanamu Express gets stuck on the tracks when Goob and the Grumbles cause a landslide. While Bada and Goob fight over the Size-Reviser, Tammy grows to a giant kitten and accidentally breaks the Size-Reviser. The Cadets must find a way to bring Tammy back to her regular size and clear the rocks for the Badanamu Express.
31 "The Legend of Big Boots" May 6, 2020
When Olivia and the Forest Friends are interrupted by trees mysteriously falling in Wonderwood Forest, Curly believes that it could be Big Boots. Mipi, ready to earn his Bravery Badge, joins the Cadets in their mission to discover the legend of Big Boots.
32 "Queen for a Day" May 7, 2020
The Cadets help a few lost baby birds fly back to their mother. Meanwhile, Mimi must protect Mumu Palace and reclaim the crown and treasure from Goob and Gronk.
33 "Jack and the Mystery Map" May 11, 2020
Professor Pip's cool brother, Jack, takes the Cadets on an adventure to the Ancient Ecco Pyramid to unravel a mysterious secret. The Cadets must avoid all traps inside the pyramid while keeping the secret safe from Esme and the Grumble Gang.
34 "The Good, The Bad, and The Grumbly" May 13, 2020
The Cadets film a cowboy movie for the baby Mumus, but a few unexpected guests drop by. It's up to Bada and Billy the Bronco to think of a plan to save Cowboy Town.
35 "Pushy Princess Bebe" May 14, 2020
Mimi's cousin, Bebe, joins the Cadets in their mission to gather special snow from Glacier Hills for the Welcome Feast. Unfortunately, Esme and the Grumble Gang steal the Frosty Freeze, along with Bebe inside.
36 "Tales of the Story-Stick" May 18, 2020
While camping, the Forest Friends have trouble falling asleep, so the Cadets play a storytelling game. They use the Story-Stick to tell some legendary tales that include a genie, a dragon, and forest thieves.
37 "Song of the Rainbow Whales" May 20, 2020
The Rainbow Whales are panicking when one of the baby whales goes missing. It turns out Esme and the Grumble Gang captured one of the baby Rainbow Whales and are planning to use it for their own devious reasons. It's up to the Cadets to save the baby whale using the power of music against the Grumbles' Sound Disruptor.
38 "The Omni-Gobbler" May 21, 2020
Olivia has a new plant that can turn organic waste into energy seeds. However, Esme and the Grumble Gang steal it and turn it into a monster that eats anything that gets close to it.
39 "Rise of the Grum-Bots" May 25, 2020
Esme and the Grumble Gang create a Grum-Bot army when they steal a crate of energy seeds from Olivia. With Abby and Olivia held captive by the Grumbles, it is up to the rest of the Cadets to find a way to shut down the Grum-Bot army.
40 "Meet the Vultures" May 21, 2020
After many failed attempts to defeat the Cadets, Esme gets a visit from her boss, Vulture. He gives her one more chance to capture them or his little son, Vulture Junior, will take over the Grumble Gang. With Esme in despair, Gronk hatches a plan that involves working with the Cadets.
41 "Crystal Cavern of the Glacier Gillies" May 28, 2020
In the Penguin Sub, Mommy and Daddy Penguin look for fish called Glacier Gillies and their Crystal Cavern. On their voyage, they run into the Grumble Gang, who are taking all the crystals and frightening the Glacier Gillies. The Cadets are called upon to ride the Ecco Sub to the rescue.
42 "Sammie Badanammie and the Namu Crew" June 1, 2020
Before the big concert, the Grumble Gang captures the biggest band in Badanamu. In that band's place, the Grumble Gang takes the stage and plays a song that puts the fans to sleep. Abby alone stays awake and has to find the real Sammie Badanammie and the Namu Crew.
43 "Queen of the Ice Pirates" June 3, 2020
With the penguins' parents and baby Mumus, the Cadets take a ride on the ocean liner, The Gigantic. However, their joyride is spoiled when Esme creates a giant, moving iceberg and tries to steal their ship in her quest to be the Pirate Ice Queen.
44 "The Five Tap Tickle Technique" June 4, 2020
Esme's plan is working to perfection since she got the Cadets hooked on her app. However, Bada is not under the app's control, and with some kung fu training from Ziggy, he's ready to save the day.
45 "Grumbles of the Galaxy" June 8, 2020
Esme threatens to kick Goob and Gronk out of the Grumble Gang if they don't launch off to a new planet. With help from the Grumbles and the Cadets, Goob and Gronk find a way to trick her.
46 "The Wind on Ecco Mountain" June 10, 2020
When Jack explores Ecco Mountain, he gets caught in a windstorm and is taken prisoner by the Grumble Gang. Using the Windstone, Esme harnesses the power of the Wind Volcano. It's up to the Cadets to rescue Jack and stop the storm.
47 "Into the Insta-Maze" June 11, 2020
The Cadets have a friendly competition to claim the prize for reaching the middle of the Insta-Maze. However, the Grumbles have a new surprise for the Cadets.
48 "The A-Mu-Zing Race" June 15, 2020
Mumu Palace is hosting a team race challenge for the Cadets. Meanwhile, the Grumbles plan a sneak-attack on the Cadets in order to steal the mystery prize.
49 "The Theft of the Mumu Lisa" June 17, 2020
When a priceless Mumu painting by the great Leandra MuVinci is stolen by the Grumble Gang, the Cadets follow their tracks into the Mumu Desert to get the painting back. The Cadets find out the Grumbles' plans are much bigger than a simple art heist, and must stop them from using MuVinci's secrets for their own nefarious purposes.
50 "Mumu Masquerade" June 18, 2020
It's the day of the Mumu Masquerade, and the Cadets are all dressed up for a fun time of costumes, cakes, and music at Mumu Palace. But when the Grumble Gang secretly crashes the party, it's up to the Cadets to put an end to their schemes.
51 "Butterfly Blues and Glider-Roos" June 22, 2020
Trouble is stirring on Ecco Island when Esme and the Grumble Gang awaken the Giant Rainbow Butterfly and take control of it to wreak chaos. With the help of the Glider-Roos, the Cadets go on a mission to restore harmony to the island.
52 "Bada's Birthday Surprise" June 24, 2020
Bada's friends want to throw him a surprise birthday party, so they go looking for Snow-Blast Berries in Glacier Hills. It's Abby's job to keep Bada busy while everyone else prepares for the party, so she takes him on a pretend mission. However, the mission ends up being very real when the rest of the Cadets run into trouble and need saving.