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Main Policy

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Article Policy

  • When making pages or writing in articles, make sure they have unbiased and accurate information.
  • Do not add any false information as it will be shortly deleted.
  • No swearing.
  • No inappropriate or sexual content.
  • No fan fiction or fan art.
  • No vandalism.
  • Do not write death threats.

Message Wall Policy

  • Do not swear on the message walls.
  • Do not spam on the message walls.
  • Do not write on your own wall, unless you're testing your signature. Type in "Test", "Testing", or "Testing signature" on the title of the message.
  • When adding an image not from this wiki on a message, please make sure you ad pixels so the image won't come out huge.
  • Do not remove threads, unless they are spam.

Image Policy

  • Images must have descriptive titles.
    • Bad Example: 395038 6740678 506.jpg
    • Good Example: Bada profile picture.jpg
  • No disturbing/NSFW/horror content, as this is a wiki about a children's company.
  • Do not add anything that is not related to Badanamu.
  • No watermark images.
  • Do not leave spaces in between when naming an image.

Comments Policy

  • Strong language and swearing are not allowed.
  • No trolling or bashing.
  • No death threats